Print Media Artist



The environmental conditions immediately around me are captured in my work by investigating and reimagining how to disperse the heavy human use of nature into geologic time. This is accomplished by observing the effects of human contribution to ecological disruption and our responsibility as stewards of the land. My work is anti-anthropocentric, showing a barren and uncultivated landscape as a stand-in metaphor for the absence of humanity and the force of entropy. The vitality of decay destroys both the natural and artificial forms. Matter is removed by nature’s violence; downward dragging agents from crumbling, rusting, erosion or friction.

My ability to be observant in my surroundings allows me to translate how I sense change into works on paper. The tokens of human activity in relationship to non-human living things provoke an effect in me. Speculation, emotional attachment and memory are applied to the work I create. My work is a response to the impact and legacy of our matter and energy which will exist on the planet long after humanity. 

In my art making, I provide a portal to a distant place and time represented in organic, abstract mixed media drawings and collages. Approaching my work viscerally, with a sense of investigation of the unknown, is important to the concepts of time and existence. The commonalities that appear in my imagery are structural forms such as broken frameworks, barriers, piles of rubble and fragments of stones. Additionally, the appearance of fractals, networks and clusters exemplify dissipation of matter.

The work is layered with print media, embroidery, and improvised marks from ink or graphite to create visceral wastelands. The scale of my works on paper provide open spaces to isolate the wasteland as non-descript places thousands of years into the future. My work engages the cyclical process of life and death, as well as questioning the human role in contributing to this system.